Pröva själv – Källkritik – Övning 3

Låt oss då gå till Regnum och se vad de skriver:

Rubrik: Swedish official: Gotland is an aircraft carrier for rocket attacks against Russia

Och sedan följer ett antal citat, bland annat följande:

“Gotland is located in a strategically important region. I do not think that people in other parts of Sweden are as worried as they are in Gotland”


“We must have the right to defend our own territory without fear that this will be perceived as a provocation”


According to her, Gotland can be compared with an aircraft carrier, which could be used if Russia introduced troops to the Baltic countries. “From Gotland we could, for example, carry out rocket fire or secure the way to ships in St. Petersburg or other harbors of the Baltic Sea,” the Swedish media quotes the head of the Gotland administration.

Enligt NATO Strategic Communications är nyhetsförmedlingen Regnum fientligt inställd till NATO och till viss politik i de baltiska staterna.