Pröva själv – Bildanalys – Övning 29

Konstnärerna Borjana Ventzislavova, Miroslav Nicic & Mladen Penev formulerar sig på följande sätt om fotografiet:

“tabula rasa” interprets in a new way the theory of John Locke or Sigmund Freud, describing that man is born with a clear, blank mind and all of the additional information or moral codes are just supplementary layers learned by the individual experience. The tabula rasa theory says that people have the freedom to define their own identity. Within the framework of the exhibition the work emphasizes the influence of society shaping identity with its values, which are today often identified with the social image. (Mira Keratova)

“tabula rasa” was conceived for public space and was shown at the Billboart Gallery Europe project (on billboards in 12 European cities).

This work deals with the system of values, which defines the individual in contemporary society, and more precisely in the European reform states, where the consumption took a central role very fast and could determined the replacing of the social and human values by the totalitarianism of the brands.

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