Pröva med några kompisar – Fakta, åsikter och tolkningar – Övning 10

Grupp B

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  • The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) är en tankesmedja med nära band till både NATO och USA:s militär, som den 24 juni publicerade rapporten “The Coming Storm: Baltic Sea Security. Följande är ett utdrag ur den:

“A snap drill in Kaliningrad in December caught NATO completely by surprise. Much larger exercises in March, involving probably 33,000 troops, took place in response to a notional Western attempt to create a ‘Maidan’ [protest i Ukriana 2013 som ledde till en rysk intervention i landet, bland annat i form av annekteringen av Krim och sedan ett ett utdraget “inbördeskrig” i östra Ukriana] uprising in Moscow. The scenario included the speedy seizure of northern Norway, the Aland islands (demilitarized Finnish territory, populated by Swedish-speakers), the Swedish island of Gotland and the Danish island of Bornholm. If carried out successfully, control of those territories would make it all but impossible for NATO allies to reinforce the Baltic states.


Europe’s new front-line states are the Nordic five (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), the Baltic three (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), plus Poland. These countries (the NBP9) share a common concern about a revisionist and rapidly rearming Russia.


These countries’ strategic incoherence, their resulting inability to defend themselves without outside help, and the threat this creates to NATO’s credibility in the region make the NBP9’s security an issue of global importance. Only the United States can spur the NBP9 to start the close security and defense cooperation needed to counter the Russian threat.”